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Repairing & Rebuilding Heritage Chimneys in Victoria, BC (A Guide for Homeowners)

If you're a homeowner in the Victoria, B.C. area with a Heritage-designated chimney in need of repair, you may be eligible to receive a grant which covers 50% of the costs associated with your masonry project. Please read on to see if the Victoria Heritage Foundation's grants program applies to your home.

Heritage Restoration, Victoria BC, Lennox Masonry, Chimney Repairs
Lennox Masonry was responsible for rebuilding this Victoria, BC heritage-designated chimney from the ground up.

The VHF is funded by the City of Victoria through your tax dollars and is available to any and all residents with a heritage-designated property. Applicants can only apply once per year, per property, but multiple projects can be grouped into one application. It's important to note that when it comes to masonry, the grant only applies to existing exterior brick and masonry repairs. The grant will cover 50% of the proposed costs associated with your masonry repairs, up to a total of $25,000.00

To find out if your home is heritage-designated, please review the following link and contact VHF for further clarification:

When it comes to repairing or rebuilding chimneys, the flashing around the base of the chimney (above the roofline) may also need to be rebuilt in order to meet both City of Victoria and VHF code requirements. Counter flashing, as depicted in the image below, is listed as a requirement by the VHF.

Brick Chimney, Victoria BC, Lennox Masonry, Masonry Contractor

It's important to enlist the help of a professional and dependable masonry company when it comes to heritage repairs, as specific mortars, bricks, and stones will also be required to fulfill the guidelines of the VHF grant. Lennox Masonry has been responsible for countless repairs associated with heritage-designated homes, commercial properties, and government buildings throughout Victoria, BC. We possess the necessary skills and knowledge to repair and rebuild any heritage-designated brick or stone projects on your property. And, we are happy to walk you through the entire process from obtaining permits to scheduling inspections. Review our "How It Works" page and book a consultation with us today! We look forward to bringing your chimney or stone walls back to life while helping you save some money along the way.

Lennox Masonry of Victoria, BC has been proudly serving both Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands for over a decade. We are small group of skilled masons with a great deal of passion towards our trade and for improving the communities we live and work in. We extend our gratitude to the lək̓ʷəŋən people for allowing us to share and work on this corner of the garden with them. We are thankful for the residents and businesses of Victoria, BC for supporting us in our endeavors!

If you’re in need of a professional and reliable masonry company for your next project, please contact us today!


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