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Stone Fireplace, Victoria BC, Lennox Masonry, Masonry Contractor


"Both stonemasonry and bricklaying contain a multitude of learning opportunities. At Lennox Masonry, you will get to experience them all. You will be exposed to the building process of everything from stone walls and chimneys to patios, walkways, and fireplaces. You will learn about geology, numerous types of stone and their ideal applications, how to formulate mortars based on the specific materials being utilized, and you will also receive an education on restoring historical brick and stone structures. But, one of the greatest challenges and rewards of working in a trade such as masonry, is learning to collaborate and problem-solve as a team, while working outdoors with and against the elements. You will learn how to train your eyes and mind to become critical instruments which will ultimately aid you in achieving the desired results both on and off the job site. For example, with consistent practice and creative focus, you will obtain the skill set to look at a pile of stones and piece them together in your mind before even picking up a trowel. You will be introduced to the optimal way of carrying and leveraging heavy materials, reducing the physical impact and long-term ramifications on your body when dealing with large weights. You will have the opportunity to confront building complications and challenge yourself to discover the optimal solution to those problems. You will also be immersing yourself in other trades such as carpentry and landscaping in an effort to fulfill the requirements of certain projects. And what better place to delve into a masonry career than in Victoria, BC where you’re surrounded by lush rainforests, mountain ranges, and incredible coastlines?

Learning about and working in an ancient trade such as masonry has been one of the greatest catalysts for growth that I have ever experienced. And my goal is to share in that growth with those who are willing to explore the countless possibilities that masonry has to offer."

- Sean Lennox, Lennox Masonry


If you’re interested in expanding your horizons with a small and personable team of stone and brick artisans then review our employment criteria below and contact us today.

Experienced Stonemasons & Bricklayers

If you are an experienced journeyman or journeywoman in the field of masonry who is looking to join and contribute to a small group of stonemasons and bricklayers within Victoria, BC, you came to the right place.

We maintain a fairly upbeat and smooth tempo here at Lennox Masonry. We're an expanding team of focused and conscientious masons whose focus is on safety and quality workmanship. Constructive criticism is a daily ritual for us because it is a means of improving ourselves and the end product; as such, we are very meticulous when it comes to the construction process. 

If you're interested in expanding your expertise as a stonemason/bricklayer and perhaps teaching us a thing or two in the process, please review our employment criteria below and contact us today.

Stone, Masonry, Stonemason, Victoria BC, Lennox Masonry, Masonry Contractor
Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Masonry Contractor, Stone Mason, Heritage Restoration

What We're Looking For
(Employment Criteria)

Lennox Masonry Ltd. of Victoria, BC is currently looking for both apprentices and experienced stonemasons/bricklayers. In regard too apprentices, we require that you have a valid BC drivers licence and access to a reliable vehicle. Apart from that, we are looking for someone who possesses integrity and who is conscientious, as well as passionate about learning the trade of masonry.

Concerning an experienced journeyman/woman, we ask that the same requirements of apprentices be met, along with someone who can confidently build and repair stone walls and chimneys to our standards. Preferably, you will also posses your own hand tools, be able to work well alone and with others, and be competent at trouble-shooting and problem-solving while completing projects..

What We Do Differently

- creating educational platforms for safety and health in the workplace- increasing livable wages for our employees, especially during times of economic inflation


- introducing a 4-day work week and flexible hours for our employees- allowing employees to offer input and make changes to project designs


challenging employees with unique projects to keep work interesting

- fostering problem solving techniques and abilities


- building a company in which everyone feels equally important and valued


If you're interested in designing and building aesthetically pleasing and challenging masonry projects with us at Lennox Masonry, please contact us with all of your pertinent details. We look forward to building with you!

Masonry, Masonry Contractor, Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Stone, Stonemason, Stonemasonry, Stone Pillars
Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Masonry Contractor, Stone Mason
Stone, Brick, Victoria BC, Lennox Masonry, Masonry Contractor
Stonemason, Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Masonry Contractor
Stone Masonry, Victoria BC, Lennox Masonry, Hardscaping, Landscaping
Stone Masonry, Victoria BC, Lennox Masonry
Stone Fireplace, Victoria BC, Lennox Masonry, Masonry Contractor
Stone Fireplace, Victoria BC, Lennox Masonry, Masonry Contractor
Chimney Repairs, Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Masonry Services
Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Masonry Contractor, Stone Masons, Brick Layers
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