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Brookhill Rd.
Pond Excavation & Stone Retaining Walls



After the fact, this landscaping and hardscaping project in Saanich, BC took place on the same property as our Oldfield Estate restoration in which we restored and rebuilt 17th-century gothic cathedral remnants throughout the gardens. Lennox Masonry was hired to aid in the excavation of two massive pounds, in order to create water filtration systems and water-features. The renovation consisted of draining the ponds, excavating the bases to a lower depth, installing said features and then dry-stacking (without the use of any mortar) stone retaining walls along all sides. There was over 8 tons of stone utilized on this property while attempting to retain soil from entering the the pond and while creating stone verandas, pathways, and stairs.  The stone walls were built to match existing stonework elsewhere on the property which was original to the home. 

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