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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fixed Price Proposal?

A fixed price proposal is essentially a quote which entails the definite costs of your project. It is not be mistaken with an "estimate", as the proposal is only created once all factors have been accounted for and agreed upon. 

Are the consultation fees refundable if, for whatever reason, we decide not to use your company?

The consultation fees are only refunded in the form of a deduction from the proposed costs.  

What type of projects would warrant an increase in the cost of a consultation?

There are a number of factors which are taken into account prior to assessing the cost of a consultation, such as: distance traveled and resources invested; evaluating a chimney where scaffolding is required; multiple design options where price comparisons and more than one proposal is necessary; the custom designing and building of large projects where CAD drawings are needed; visiting distributors or quarries to further design decesions in regards to your project, etc.. Once we have a clear understanding of what your project entails, we will let you know if there may be additional costs involved. 

Why do you charge a consultation fee?

Because we are a small company that is dedicated to quality control and due to the amount of requests we receive for quotes each year, it's not economically feasible for us to provide quotes for free. Our consultation fee of $75.00 helps to cover the fuel and labor costs associated with providing a thorough proposal for your review. 

Do you provide rough-cost estimates?

We no longer provide rough-cost estimates. We have found that supplanting a number prior to considering all project parameters is both misleading and detrimental to the quotation process. 

Do other masonry contractors in Victoria, BC charge for quotes?

We cannot comment on how all masonry companies in Victoria, BC operate their businesses. However, we know from experience that small masonry companies such as ours cannot sustain themselves while providing free estimates. There are expenses incurred and hours invested in providing a proper proposal.


Are you priced differently from other masonry companies in Victoria?

We find that our pricing is competitive in comparison with other professional masonry companies. However, each company does price projects differently based on their overhead and expenses. Lennox Masonry has done its best to offer quality workmanship and materials at a fair market value. 

Where our pricing typically differs from others is in regards to the quality of materials being utilized. We utilize natural, lime-based mortars to ensure a long standing product; we use high quality bricks from Ontario which are second only to Britain's brick manufacturing process; we use locally sourced natural stone veneer; and we implement granite— quarried right here on Vancouver Island— in all of our stone walls due to its reputed strength and longevity. We are focused on local sustainability, from the materials we source to the livable wages we provide to our employees.

Where are you located?

We have two locations: Our office is located in South Fairfield, right in the heart of Victoria, BC. And we have a shop space located in  Langford, BC where we create unique stonemasonry features. 

What are your business hours:

We are open from 9:00am until 5pm Monday through to Saturday and are closed on Sundays and holidays.

How busy are you? Are you able to take on my project?

We are typically booking projects months in advance, year-round. We always recommend setting up a consultation as soon as possible and placing a deposit with us to ensure that we can complete your project in a reasonable time-frame. If it's a smaller project, we can usually squeeze it in among our larger projects. 

How do you get the majority of your work?

The majority of our projects are obtained through word-of-mouth. Though more and more people are finding us through Google and a variety of other social media platforms. We provide quality workmanship and good communication skills with a proven track record for safety. Our referrals are a testament as to why our services remain sought after year after year.  


What exactly is involved with chimney inspections?


Our first priority at Lennox Masonry is safety. Though we can typically assess the state of a chimney from the ground floor (exterior and the interior firebox), we highly recommend utilizing scaffolding (as per WCB regulations and Liability Insurance purposes) in order to safely reach your roofline and thoroughly inspect your chimney and the flue liners. This up-close inspection process provides a much more accurate quote for your chimney repairs. It can take anywhere from one to eight hours to set up scaffolding and perform a thorough inspection, depending on the heights involved and the accessibility of your chimney. Please note that additional consultation fees will be incurred through this process but that the initial consultation fee will be deducted from the overall costs. Please visit our Chimney Repairs page to learn about how the state of your chimney affects the overall well being of your home.

Masonry scaffolding being built for a chimney repair by Lennox Masonry in Victoria BC
Scaffolding around a chimney being repaired by Lennox Masonry in Victoria BC

What sets you apart from other masonry companies in Victoria, BC?


When choosing Lennox Masonry for your project, you have the added benefit of having the owner and operator design and conduct the work himself. Sean Lennox and his team of certified masons are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their craft, as well as very particular about quality control. We have chosen to remain a small masonry company which continues to achieve service and craftsmanship awards year after year. Please visit our Referrals page to hear from some of our clients.

Heritage stone doorways being restored and built by Lennox Masonry in Victoria BC
Artistic stone wall built by Lennox Masonry in Victoria BC
Stone retaining walls built by Lennox Masonry in Victoria BC

Please review our masonry Blog to discover more frequently asked questions.

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