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Stone Mason, Victoria BC, Lennox Masonry, Masonry Contractor


Lennox Masonry began while Sean Lennox was still apprenticing under one of the most widely sought after and respected stonemasons in the Lower Mainland. Sean would take on weekend side-projects to refine his skills and inevitably learn how to run a masonry business. Being exposed to traditional stonework, stone sculpting, the restoration of heritage buildings, and a plethora of unique stonemasonry projects, prepared Sean to take his vast knowledge and expertise, and officially begin what is now Lennox Masonry Ltd. And after 14 years of apprenticing, that is precisely what he did.  

Sean worked by himself, designing and building brick and stone structures for over a decade before relocating to Victoria, BC. The move was inspired by a necessity to slow down and get away from the fast pace of the Lower Mainland. There was also a multitude of opportunities that were present on Vancouver Island for heritage restoration of masonry structures.

Victoria, BC

Years after relocating to Victoria, BC, Lennox Masonry has remained a small company with just a handful of highly skilled and competent stonemasons and bricklayers. 

From heritage restoration of brick and stone structures, to repairing and building stone retaining walls and brick chimneys, Lennox Masonry has established itself as a highly reputable and respected masonry company. 

Lennox Masonry has had the pleasure of providing masonry services on B.C. Lottery Homes for the Children's Hospital Foundation, the Cool Aid Society of Victoria, BC, as well as numerous other unique projects which can be found throughout our Projects page.

We would like to thank the residents and businesses of Victoria, BC for their continued support of our small, community-oriented masonry company and for allowing us to refine and hone our craft as stonemasons and bricklayers.


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