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Stone Retaining Walls

Dry-Stone Walling

Dry stone walling, or, dry stacking, is an ancient method of building stone walls without the use of mortar. Stones are placed in an interlocking method in order to ensure stability and proper function.

The following gallery consists of a project Lennox Masonry completed in Saanichton, Victoria BC. These stone stairs and retaining walls were built out of blast rock, which is noted to be the most challenging stone to work with when building dry stacked walls. 

Dry stone walls can prove to be less maintenance in the long run as opposed to mortared stone retaining walls. However, this method of retaining soil is not recommended if the wall is exceeding 4' in height. 

If you're interested in having us design and build a dry stone wall for you, please visit our 'How It Works' page and contact us today.

Mortared Stone Walls

Mortared stone retaining walls provide some added safety and aesthetics in comparison to dry stone walls. With a strong foundation, lime based mortars, proper drainage, and ample capping, these types of walls can stand for upwards of 50 years before requiring serious maintenance. 

Stone walls which utilize mortar can also exceed height restrictions that are in place for dry stone walls in the city of Victoria, BC. 

At Lennox Masonry, we not only build the typical mortared stone walls which you find all throughout Victoria, but we also take an artisan approach to designing and creating unique and functional stone walls. We can even make your mortared stone wall appear to be a dry stone wall by tight fitting the stones together. This method requires patience and a skill set which takes years to master. The end result is aesthetically pleasing while also practical and sturdy. 

The majority of our stonemasonry projects utilize mortar, especially where stone retaining walls are concerned. If you're interested in having us design and build you a stone wall such as the walls found in our gallery, please familiarize yourself with the 'How It Works' page today and get in touch with us!

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