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Learn & Improve On An Ancient Trade with Lennox Masonry in Victoria, BC

Who We Are:

Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Masonry Contractor, Stonemason
Lennox Masonry building granite pillars for the Ross Bay Cemetery Memorial Entrance

Lennox Masonry operates out of Victoria, BC and specializes in restoring masonry structures such as chimneys, buildings, and retaining walls, as well as building new custom stone features. With over 20 years in the masonry industry we are well versed and incredibly knowledgable when it comes to conserving and building in the medium of stone and brick. We have completed hundreds of heritage chimneys and stone walls throughout our community, establishing ourselves as a trusted and reliable masonry company in the city of Victoria, BC. We are now looking to grow our small team of skilled and competent stonemasons and bricklayers to include passionate, conscientious, and reliable team-players.

An Ancient Trade:

Masonry, Heritage Restoration, Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Stone, Brick
Heritage Restoration & Rebuild of 17th-century cathedral remnants at the Oldfield Estate in Saanich, BC

Masonry is an ancient craft and art form which involves working directly with the elements for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Whether utilizing masonry to construct houses or to create unique, long-lasting features, masonry has stood the test of time as an ideal means of preserving the past and conserving the future. When constructed properly with sustainable materials and routine maintenance, stone and brick structures can remain standing for decades, if not centuries (and in some cases, millennia). When working with mediums such as stone, building a structure that will span lifetimes is an incredibly rewarding aspect of the trade.

Why Choose Masonry:

Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Stonemason, Masonry Contractor

"Both stonemasonry and bricklaying contain a multitude of learning opportunities. At Lennox Masonry, you will get to experience them all. You will be exposed to the building process of everything from stone walls and chimneys to patios, walkways, and fireplaces. You will learn about geology, numerous types of stone and their ideal applications, how to formulate mortars based on the specific materials being utilized, and you will also receive an education on restoring historical brick and stone structures. One of the greatest challenges and rewards of working in a trade such as masonry, is learning to collaborate and problem-solve as a team, while working outdoors with and against the elements. You will learn how to train your eyes and mind to become critical instruments which will ultimately aid you in achieving the desired results both on and off the job site. For example, with consistent practice and creative focus, you will obtain the skill set to look at a pile of stones and piece them together in your mind before even picking up a trowel. You will be introduced to the optimal way of carrying and leveraging heavy materials, reducing the physical impact and long-term ramifications on your body when dealing with large weights. You will have the opportunity to confront building complications and challenge yourself to discover the optimal solution to those problems. You will also be immersing yourself in other trades such as carpentry and landscaping in an effort to fulfill the requirements of certain projects. And what better place to delve into a masonry career than in Victoria, BC where you’re surrounded by lush rainforests, mountain ranges, and incredible coastlines?

Learning about and working in an ancient trade such as masonry has been one of the greatest catalysts for growth that I have ever experienced. And my goal is to share in that growth with those who are willing to explore the countless possibilities that masonry has to offer."

- Sean Lennox, Lennox Masonry

Why Choose Us As Your Team:

Stone Fireplace, Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Masonry Contractor, Stone Mason
A massive outdoor fireplace in Victoria, BC, featuring locally quarried and chiseled stone

Whether you're passionate about masonry and are just starting out as an apprentice or you're a seasoned stonemason/bricklayer who is looking to expand their knowledge and expertise, Lennox Masonry may be a great fit for you. Here's why:

We have the privilege of working on heritage homes and buildings all throughout Victoria, BC, as well as designing and building unique stone and brick features for our clients. Why is that important? Because you will have the opportunity to work on unique masonry structures which are both challenging and incredibly rewarding to complete. You will constantly be working on new and exciting projects which will stimulate your mind and exercise your body, alongside a group of personable and conscientious individuals who are looking to foster your unique growth as much as their own.

Flagstone Patio, Stone Retaining Wall, Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Stonemason
A flagstone patio and stone retaining wall which features a unique stone feature bordered in cedar

Things we are doing differently:

- creating educational platforms for safety and health in the workplace- increasing livable wages for our employees, especially during times of economic inflation

- introducing a 4-day work week and flexible hours for our employees- allowing employees to offer input and make changes to project designs

- challenging employees with unique projects to keep work interesting

- fostering problem solving techniques and abilities

- building a company in which everyone feels equally important and valued

What We Are Looking For:

Stone Fireplace, Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Masonry Contractor, Stone Mason.jpg
A stone fireplace in Victoria, BC, built out of blast-rock which was native to the property. The large slabs of stone used in the making of the hearth and mantel were quarried and cut in Port Renfrew, BC.

We are currently looking for both apprentices and experienced journeymen/women that are interested in helping us meet the needs of our clients within Victoria, BC. Our main criteria is people who are passionate about learning or expanding upon the masonry trade with us. If this is a career that you are interested in pursuing and if you feel like you might be great fit, please review our Employment page and contact us today!

Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Masonry Contractor, Vancouver Island, Stone, Brick

Lennox Masonry of Victoria, BC has been proudly serving both Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands for over a decade. We are small group of skilled masons with a great deal of passion towards our trade and for improving the communities we live and work in. We extend our gratitude to the lək̓ʷəŋən people for allowing us to share and work on this corner of the garden with them. We are thankful for the residents and businesses of Victoria, BC for supporting us in our endeavors!

If you’re in need of a professional and reliable masonry company for your next project, please contact us today!


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