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Creative Brickwork Ideas

Creative Brick Wall, Lennox Masonry, Masonry Contractor, Stonemason, Victoria, BC

Sean Lennox, Lennox Masonry, Victoria, BC - Order Meets Chaos

The idea for this project began while I was working on a property that is overlooking Mud Bay in White Rock, British Columbia. The homeowner had purchased several pallets worth of reclaimed, 1940's Frog brick from a former bar in the Gas Town district of Vancouver, B.C., and the recently renovated WoodWards Building in downtown Vancouver. I was tasked with cutting the face of the bricks to a 1/2" thickness and applying them to a wall situated in a bar/theatre room. Nearing the completion of that wall, I decided to create a feature wall in a music studio that I was currently building, with the remaining bricks. I cut not only the faces of the remaining bricks, but also the sides, tops, and bottoms, so as to obtain varied lengths and heights. I was still unsure as to how I wanted to incorporate the brick with the wall until I noticed an oddly cut piece of plywood lying around the job-site. I then proceeded to cut several sheets of plywood in random and obscure shapes. With the advice of a friend, I began adhering the plywood to the feature wall. I decided to paint nebulas and stars on the plywood with a random selection of acrylic colours — the surrounding walls soon followed with black paint and white speckles to imitate stars. I knew then that the only way I could apply the brick would be in an utterly non-formal way and that it had to coincide with the theme now present. So I opted to emulate the distortion of matter which occurs in the proximity of a black hole, by lending the impression that the brick slices were bending and breaking while being sucked into the center of the wall. As far as the joints in between the full bricks were concerned, I allowed the mortar to droop outwards in most instances, recessed some portions, and fit bricks tightly together in other spots, so as to vary the overall look of the brick. I also placed some full brick slices vertically, as opposed to horizontally. Overall, at least from my perspective, it turned out quite well. The wall was fittingly named: Order meets Chaos.

As a bricklayer and stonemason in Victoria, B.C., I am grateful to be able to practice my craft in a region which provides me with an abundance of creative and unique stonework and brickwork opportunities. Projects similar to this one are no longer rarities. If you're interested in bringing an idea to life through the medium of stone and brick or would like a uniquely designed and completed work of masonry art, please, contact us today so that we can begin the journey of materializing your vision.

You can visit our website here for additional information and to view other completed projects, or, call us directly at 778-968-6574.

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- Sean Lennox, Lennox Masonry, Masonry Contractor, Stonemason, Victoria, BC.

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