Picking The Right Masonry Contractor For Your Project

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Bricklayers, Stone Masons, Stone Sculptors, Dry Stone Wallers, Stone Landscapers, etc., the majority of Masonry Contractors are relatively experienced in all avenues of Masonry Construction, however, each Masonry Contractor will specialize in their own unique aspect of the proverbial “Masonry Tree.” And with each limb of this Tree, there is an off-shoot to a particular specialty in which they each establish their own personal niche. For example: a Stone Mason may be well-versed in preparing and applying Thin Veneer Stone to the interior/exterior of a house, yet largely inexperienced when it comes to working with Full Stone Veneer, such as building a retaining wall, bridge, archway, or even an entire building out of stone and mortar which requires a completely different degree of technical knowledge and skill sets. Also, each Masonry Contractor has their preferred medium. It’s important to determine what their knowledge and experience are and if they’ll enjoy working on your project.

3 Things To Do Before You Contact A Masonry Contractor:

Lennox Masonry - Sliced Frog Brick

1. Create a vision of how you want your completed project to look. Educate yourself on the basics of Stone Masonry, Landscaping, Brick Work, Chimney Repair, whatever your project consists of so that you can convey what it is you want in a clear and concise manner. Taking your time to do some necessary research by viewing photos or reading about other people’s ideas will go along way in helping you ascertain what you truly desire.

2. Ask people you know and trust about their personal experiences with Masonry Contractors. If this is not an option, use Google to locate and inspect the websites of local Masonry Contractors in your area. View their referral lists, Google Reviews, Social Media Pages, etc.. Get to know them through their online presence and see if their specialties will coincide with your project.

3. Contact their referrals and get their opinions, visit their current job-sites if the locations are listed within the on-going projects section of their webpage, and view their completed projects up close to confirm the quality of work they provide.

4 Things To Ask Your Potential Masonry Contractor:

Lennox Masonry - Full Stone Rubble, Locally Sourced

1. What part of the Masonry Trade do you prefer? It’s safe to assume that if they prefer Brick and Block work over Cultured and Natural Stone, they will have garnered a larger amount of experience in that area, as they enjoy it more so, and will undoubtedly perform well on your project. Before you even describe what type of job you’re interested in hiring them to complete, ask this question. Now, if it is a larger Masonry Company consisting of at least three or four Stone Masons/Bricklayers, you can also assume that they will place the Masons who carry a higher set of skills and know-how, pertaining to the project's requirements, on your job-site. Make it clear that you’re only interested in hiring a Masonry Company that is qualified and experienced in the specific field associated with your project.

2. Explain to them your specific needs and ask them about their availability and interest in your job. Establish a start and completion date and see if they’re willing to adhere to a contractual agreement.

3. "Are you registered with WorkSafe BC and do you possess Liability Insurance?" It’s important to know that all legal and financial obligations are covered on their end in the case that something unfortunate occurs. This will also indicate the level of professionalism your Masonry Contractor holds.

4. What do your services entail? There are several noteworthy aspects of the job which you will need to obtain clarity on. They are as follows: Who is responsible for purchasing the materials? What is the preferred method of payment? What is the payment schedule? Who is responsible for cleaning up and removing any material waste? What is required of me as the Homeowner?

Your Next Step Towards Hiring A Stone Mason:

Lennox Masonry - Red Hartford, Thin Brick Veneer

Once you have decided on a few Masonry Contractors which appear to suit the needs of your project, book an appointment and obtain estimates from each of them. Make sure their quotes outline all the associated costs and timelines. This is an opportunity for you to establish a personal connection with your Masonry Contractor and decide for yourself, using your intuition, which one is the best fit for your needs. Take your time and don’t rush the process. Attempting to hurry things may only lead to poor decisions which cost you time and money in the long-run. You want it done right, not twice.

With years of experience in the field of Masonry, Lennox Masonry is well equipped to assess and address your specific needs.

Give Us A Call At: 778-968-6574

As always, if you have any questions, please, comment below or write to us at sean@lennoxmasonry.com

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Sean Lennox,

Lennox Masonry, Masonry Contractor, Stone Mason, Victoria, B.C.

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  • Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC
  • Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC
  • Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC
  • Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC
  • Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC
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  • Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC
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  • Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC