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Dry-Stack Stonework, Victoria B.C.

This project entailed the draining of a 200,000 cubic foot pond, which was originally constructed in the early 1900’s, in order to install a water-feature. I had previously dammed the lower pond, which was roughly equivalent in size to the upper pond, with stonework to match the existing stone walkways. The lower pond will be utilized as a reservoir in an effort to keep the upper pond’s water level at a sufficient height through a pump system.

Stone, Victoria BC, Lennox Masonry

Stonemasonry, Victoria BC, Lennox Masonry

After the removal of over a 100 years worth of sediment, I began constructing several terraces, stone steps, stone walkways, and several stone retaining walls — all stone features were built without the use of mortar so as to allow plant growth, such as vines and flowering plants to grow through the stonework.

Stonemason, Victoria BC, Lennox Masonry

Stonework, Victoria BC, Lennox Masonry

Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Stone

Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Stonemason

Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Stonework

Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Stonemasonry

Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Stone Retaining Wall

The difficulty I faced, oddly enough, was trying to be as random as possible with the placement of the stones, so as to make the stonework appear as though it had been built alongside some of the pre-existing 100 year old stone walls scattered across other areas of the property. In essence, I forced myself to leave larger gaps in between stones where I typically wouldn’t, as well as leave some stones protruding from the wall, and allowing the wall to slightly fluctuate in height. All of which required me to become a perfectionist of randomness, which was quite trying of me.

The top 2 feet of the 2,000 foot upper pond was then faced and retained with stone.

This is one of several large projects that I have undertaken on this property. Please read the following article on the Restoration and Rebuilding of several 17th-Century Limestone Garden Features which were originally a part of a Gothic Cathedral in Europe.

Please click the following link to view our Masonry Blog or visit our Gallery Page to view some of our completed Stonemasonry projects. And, as always, feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions in regards to your project.

Thank you,

Sean Lennox

Lennox Masonry of Victoria, B.C.

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