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Richmond St. Victoria, BC

~Rebuilding a 112 Year Old Chimney~

Lennox Masonry of Victoria, BC not only designs and builds custom stone walls and features, we also specialize in repairing, rebuilding, and restoring heritage brickwork. 

We are currently rebuilding an entire chimney from the ground up on Richmond St. in Gonzales Bay, Victoria, BC. The pre-existing chimney had fallen into disrepair over its 112 year lifespan and the bricks were becoming too decrepit to salvage, unfortunately. We removed the chimney, poured a new concrete footer, and have begun rebuilding it with concrete bricks. Once the chimney is rebuilt to code and height, we will then build a concrete crown and a custom chimney pot to fully seal the chimney and the house from the elements. The concrete bricks will then be faced with a unique thin brick veneer to add character to the home. 

Chimney Repairs, Victoria BC, Lennox Mas
Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC, Chimney Rep
Brick, Chimney Rebuild, Lennox Masonry,


Victoria BC, Chimney Repairs, Lennox Masonry
Brick Chimney, Victoria BC, Lennox Masonry
Victoria BC, Lennox Masonry, Chimney Repairs

When we aren’t designing and building stone walls, landscapes, and custom features, the team at Lennox Masonry of Victoria, B.C. are undertaking chimney repairs and rebuilds. Lennox Masonry was given the opportunity to tear down and rebuild an 120 year old chimney in the heart of South Fairfield and we jumped at it! One of the main reasons that Sean Lennox, owner and operator of Lennox Masonry, relocated his business to Victoria, B.C. from Vancouver, B.C. was due to his passion of working with heritage buildings. “Apart from my family, restoring heritage brickwork and stonework is essentially what I live for” says Sean.


The chimney was beyond decrepit and on the verge of falling apart when Lennox Masonry was asked to survey the brickwork and determine the best course of action. They obtained the required demolition and building permits through Victoria, B.C.’s city hall and then began building a scaffolding system to reach the top of the chimney.  As soon as the chimney was demolished, a new concrete footer was required to create a stable foundation. Lennox Masonry was also responsible for hiring and coordinating other necessary trades to install a gas insert for the homeowners fireplace. “We typically take care of everything from the ground up; designing the layout of the chimney, permits, sub-trades, materials, etc.” notes Sean. 

Once the concrete footing had cured, Lennox Masonry began rebuilding the chimney with concrete bricks and mortar. The design slightly mimicked the former chimney but included the addition of a concrete crown both above and below the roofline, along with several bands of brick occurring throughout. The final stage consisted of facing the concrete brick chimney with a thin brick veneer to provide character to match the age of the house itself. 


If you’re interested in having your chimney repaired or rebuilt to meet the current code requirements of Victoria, B.C., please review our “How It Works” page prior to contacting us.

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